Government to audit mosques, give topics for Friday sermons, says DC Islamabad


ISLAMABAD: The National Internal Security Policy (NISP) was released and revealed that emphasis was placed on reforms pertaining to mosques.

The policy included the audit of expenditures relating to mosques by the government.

Islamabad Deputy Commissioner (DC) captain (R) Mushtaq Ahmed said, “There cannot be any abrupt change in society but there will be gradual transformation and many clerics are coming up to cooperate with the authorities.”

“Most of these terrorist outfits stand either neutralised or eliminated already by Pakistan but comprehensive action is required to remove their traces entirely and choke any financing that they may draw from the country,” added the DC.

“We have worked out a policy with clerics that there will not be any controversial sermon during Friday prayers,” also said DC Ahmed.

The DC further added, “It has been agreed that we will only give topics to the clerics and not any written sermon.”