Will retire from int’l cricket after World XI game, no backsies: Shahid Afridi


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

LONDON – Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi will lead World XI against West Indies at Lord’s in what is set to be his last international match.

The hard-hitting batsman tweeted: “It’s a great honour to be leading the ICC World XI side, that too for such a good cause.”

“This will be my last match in international cricket. I promise. No backsies. At least this time,” he ADDED.

He further highlighted that retiring from international cricket doesn’t mean he’ll stop playing league cricket. “It’s not the same thing. Is it?” he asked.

Afridi informed that he still has several PSLs, Big Bash Leagues and T20 Blasts to play before he can even think about retiring fully, from all formats, and not make any comeback.

Commenting on the big occasion, cricket presenter and commentator Ramiz Raja stated that he used to be age fellows with the leg-spinner, however, Afridi stopped ageing at a certain point.

“I have been a commentator for over a decade. I have started considering retirement from the profession, but Afridi still takes his odds,” Raja exclaimed.

The star all-rounder had made his debut way back in 1996 and all of his former team mates have long ago either retired or became extinct as a species.