Twitter blasts PTI for ‘#AikAurUturn’ regarding Nasir Khosa


The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has taken another “U-turn” according to Twitter users regarding the name of Nasir Khosa for interim Punjab Chief Minister (CM).

This is what people are saying:

Abdullah Akbar said, “Another U-turn by Imran Khan.”

Rana Nasir said, “PTI stepped back from its decision and I have never seen PTI to their decision ever. A party who can’t make a decision how will it be possible for it to run a country?”

Babar Sattar said, “PTI’s Nasir Khosa U-turn not only exposes its capriciousness and inability to engage with serious decisions but also feeds Pakistan’s now evolved culture of malice and abuse where public service is a dirty job; where even those with proven calibre, integrity and honour can’t escape unscathed.”

Aftab Alam said, “Nasir Khosa has rescued the system from any constitutional deadlock by refusing to be the caretaker CM in Punjab and PTI is doing its best to create such a deadlock, both in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.”

Ijaz Aslam Anjum said, “PTI taking a U-turn on Nasir Khosa’s name as caretaker CM Punjab. Why not think before acting? It clearly shows the weak and immature approach of Imran Khan’s leadership and vision.”

Muhammad Ahmad Raza said, “It is okay to take a U-Turn after 100 meters instead of going to a place where there is no way to come back.”

Zeeshan Malik said, “I request the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to change the election symbol of PTI from bat to U-turn.”






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