Makhdooms of Hala likely to part ways with PPP


KARACHI: The Makhdooms of Hala have decided to quit Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and contest the upcoming elections as the independent candidates, reported a local media outlet.

The Makhdooms, the spiritual leaders of Sarawari Jamaat, have been associated with the PPP for 51 years.

The Makhdooms not only exercise great influence in Hala in Matiari district, which is their hometown, but also in other districts of Sindh. Makhdoom Talibul Maula, who was also a famous Sindhi poet, was one of the founding members of the PPP.

After the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, the family became disgruntled with the party leadership for not “fulfilling their promises”.

However, the PPP has rejected the reports of their defection.