Continuity of democratic process is historic achievement: Marriyum


ISLAMABAD: Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb says completion of ten years of the democratic process in the country is a historic achievement.

She was speaking in a programme of Radio Pakistan’s Dhanak Channel during her visit to National Broadcasting House on the last day of the present Government in Islamabad today.

The Minister said Pakistan’s march on the road to progress is deeply linked to continuation of the democratic process.

She expressed the confidence that the general elections would be conducted in a free and fair manner, giving level playing fields to all political parties.

Marriyum Aurangzeb said it should be left to the electorate to make a choice during elections on the basis of performance.

The Information Minister said the incumbent Government did more for the country than what was done during the last 65 years. In this regard, she referred to the massive infrastructure development, building of motorways and highways, steps taken to overcome energy shortages, improvements in education and health sectors and breaking the backbone of terrorism through collective efforts of the Government, people, armed forces and law enforcing agencies.

The Minister said the present Government has put the country on the path of development and the process should continue whosoever comes to power after the elections.

She lauded Radio Pakistan for launching music channel and said this would help explore talent from across the country. She said youth is an asset of the country and their energies should be harnessed for positive pursuits through mainstreaming.



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