17-year-old girl killed for ‘honour’


SHABQADAR: A 17-year old girl was murdered by her in-laws “for honour” after she failed to bear her husband a child, reported a local news outlet.

The teenager, Sadia had been married by her father to 50-year-old Kamil Khan in Pandyali, Mohmand Agency over a year ago.

Father of Sadia, Lateef told the publication that he gave his daughter’s hand to someone more than twice her age since he was too poor to take care of his seven daughters. Kamil, on the other hand, married the girl because his other wife had remained unable to bear him a son.

Lateef said his daughter came to live with him some time back as her relationship with her husband worsened, however, he told her to go back.

However, on Friday Sadia called her father and told him that Kamil had divorced her and that she was coming back home on foot. On the way, she took shelter at a place where her father retrieved her.

As they reached Aqrab Dag, Kamil and his family intercepted them and forcibly took Sadia away allegedly to her in-laws home at Pandyali Mohmand agency.

Before authorities could reach the crime scene, the girl had been killed. The family claimed to have killed the girl “for honour” for seeking help from a driver who took her home in his car and later left her alone due to fear of being targeted.

The police refused to get involved or even register an FIR, claiming that the area fell outside their jurisdiction, while the Mohmand political administration has arrested one culprit.