Three leopard cubs die at Peshawar Zoo within a month after birth


PESHAWAR:  Three newly-born leopard cubs died at Peshawar Zoo, authorities confirmed on Wednesday.

A leopardess had given birth to four cubs at the zoo on April 28. Zoo authorities at the time called it an unusual incident as common leopardess’ generally give birth to three cubs at a time.

Authorities say that the sole remaining cub is in good health.

Conditions for the animals and birds have deteriorated considerably at the zoo, with many developing breathing problems. Since the zoo’s inauguration in February, over 40 birds and animals have died. A report prepared by the investigation committee looking into the deaths said in May that 34 animals and over 30 birds had died since February. A nilgai, a snow leopard, a fallow deer and a monkey were among the casualties, with the nilgai suffering from breathing problems before death.

The report says that a four-year-old fallow deer died on March 1 after colliding with cage rods weeks after it was brought to the zoo. On May 4, a monkey died after sustaining severe injuries during an attack by a wolf. Both animals were housed in the same cage.

A 10-year-old snow leopard, scheduled to be taken to Galiyat due to soaring temperatures in Peshawar, also died at the zoo.