Tehmina Durrani ‘thankful’ Shehbaz Sharif’s reign over Punjab is ending


Tehmina Durrani, wife of Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, is “thankful” that her husband’s tenure is ending.

She tweeted, “Two days left for my husband SS to step down from Khadim eh Ala, after 10 years of rule in Punjab and thank God it’s over! Most exasperating time! I’m doing a countdown. SS drove everyone, even at home quite mad .cld not keep up with his speed even in the kitchen!”

Twitter immediately blew up with a response to Durrani’s tweets and here is what our local ‘intellectuals’ had to say:

“Maybe time for him to buy an apron and help you out in the kitchen,” tweeted Anjum Kiani.


“You won’t believe that nation is extremely happy to get rid off him too,” wrote Mohammad Asad Khan.


You won’t believe that nation is extremely happy to get rid off him too.

— Mohammad Asad Khan (@MohammadAsadkh1) May 29, 2018

“Don’t worry soon he will be your PM. And then with your huge efforts you would not be able to get rid from him,” tweeted another user.


“Just sit back,Take a deep breath and ask yourself. Is Punjab better off what it was in 2008? R ppl getting justice, quality education and healthcare? Is clean drinking water available to everyone? If the answer is no then he was badsha e Ala and not khadam e Ala,” wrote another twitter user Hamid.


“We proud of our chief minister SS,” Usman Tanveer Butt tweeted.


Talat Khurshid tweeted,” “What has “kitchen secretariat” got to do with his “provincial duties”?@CMShehbaz @GovtOfPunjab”