CDGP decides to move PSRA against ‘stubborn’ schools | Pakistan Today

CDGP decides to move PSRA against ‘stubborn’ schools

PESHAWAR: City District Government Peshawar (CDGP) Wednesday decided to contact Private School Regulatory Authority (PSRA) against the school receiving the tuition fees and not going on summer vacations for taking immediate action against them.

The district nazim in his dispatch to PSRA said that the proprietors of the private schools are adopting new tactics for collecting the fee of summer vacations from the children and for this purpose, most of the schools have yet to give summer vacations.

It has come in the notice of the district government that majority of the private schools are openly violating the PSRA Act and action against such schools had become inevitable. Therefore, he called for initiation of immediate and in-discriminatory against such schools.

The district nazim said that the previous provincial government has established the authority for the abolition of the monopoly of private schools and provision of quality education to children while education emergency has also been proclaimed in the province.

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