UoE female students protest against principal’s alleged misbehaviour


Only a day had passed after the closure of the Minhaj University’s girls’ hostel incident that the female students of the University of Education (UoE) Bank Road Campus staged a protest against alleged misbehaviour of the principal on Monday.

However, when the protestors were busy staging the demonstration, a man allegedly snatched mobile phones of the girls.

A large number of female students gathered at the main gate of the campus and protested against Principal Shagufta Andleeb’s behaviour with the students in the guise of maintaining discipline in the campus.

They chanted slogans against the principal and demanded that a befitting action should be initiated against her. The protesting students also recorded videos on their phones of the protest.

Earlier, more than 100 students had lodged a complaint to Punjab Governor Rafiq Rajwana about the alleged misbehaviour of the principal. The students had also carried out a signature campaign against the principal and claimed that the principal used unethical words and abused them in the name of discipline.

The letter to the governor was signed by 119 students but no action had been initiated against her.