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Katherine Langford bids goodbye to ’13 Reasons Why’

13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford has confirmed that she will not be returning to the controversial hit series for a third season. Though a season three is yet to be ordered by Netflix, the 22-year-old actor, who played the lead Hannah Baker who commits suicide in the first chapter of the teenage drama, signed off from the show in a heartfelt Instagram post.

Langford thanked the cast and crew as well as fans in her post and also shared a picture of a blackboard mural dedicated to her character, Hannah.

“‘Hannah… I love you… And I let you go’. Those are the words I was able to say six months ago and now can finally share with you… As most of you know 13 Reasons Why was my first ever job and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to tell Hannah’s story so fully in Season 1, and to be asked back for a season two.

She thanked Netflix, Paramount Pictures and “the incredible producers, creatives, cast and crew for making these last two years so special. And to all of you here – Thankyou for filling my life with love and light.”

Langford added the show will always be a “special part of my life”. She said the role of Hannah, regardless of its presence in the series, will continue to strive her to do work that is both “meaningful” and has a positive impact.

The actor signed off saying, “There is a lot coming up this next year, and I can’t wait to share it with you.”

While the first season of 13 Reasons Why explored why Hannah took her own life, the follow-up installment saw the aftermath of her death – her ghostly manifestation for Clay Jensen (played by Dylan Minnette) or his delusions.

Langford recently said, “For me, we told Hannah’s story so fully in season one. And in a way, doing that scene in episode 13 (of season two), I’ve so often referred to it as it was the hardest scene because it’s the scene where I had to let her go.”

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