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Minhaj varsity students expelled from hostel after Gandapur scolding video

LAHORE: Minhaj University has expelled over 320 female students from its hostel for leaking a viral video showing Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) leader Khurram Nawaz Gandapur scolding and shouting at the hostellites, according to a report published by English daily newspaper on Sunday.

While some students left the varsity hostel themselves after PAT secretary general shouted at the students on May 18, others had been told to vacate the university. One student, on the condition of anonymity, said that the administration said the girls were now free to do whatever they want.

The incident came to the limelight when the video went viral on social media, in which Gandapur was seen shouting and misbehaving with the female students in the girls’ hostel allegedly for protesting against the administration for not allowing them to go outside the hostel in the evening.

When Pakistan Today had reached Gandapur for comment, he explained that some of the varsity students insisted on going out after sunset which is a clear violation of the hostel’s rules. “Every student has given it in writing that they will not go out of the hostel after sunset without the male escorts or family members,” he added.

He said that these girls had ‘manhandled’ the hostel staff and created disturbance before he was called in to diffuse the situation. Gandapur recalled, “At first, I requested politely and asked them to tell their problems one by one but they didn’t listen at all. We have a strict policy in our hostel and it is our priority to ensure the security of these girls.”

The PAT leader further said that disciplinary action will be taken against the students who violated rules. “If someone wants to go out after sunset then they can ask their parents to shift them to any other hostel where such actions are allowed,” he suggested.

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