Feminist Watch: ‘What are you doing to help us?’


While Kareena Kapoor “is not a feminist but believes in equality” (What?), we have decided to bring you a weekly feminist watch to keep you posted about what feminists around the world are saying and bring you the best feminist puns, literature and comebacks.

Here’s this week’s watch:

This is especially for those men that we all know are ‘wannabe’ feminists:

Actually wondering what to do? Here’s your answer:

Here’s a critique:


“It’s no longer good enough to call yourself a feminist. What do you actually stand for?”

Because hating men isn’t synonymous with being a feminist.

And here we have a man trying to vent out:

While this lady here tries to draw a line between feminism and “femi-nazism“:

Are you a weak link?

Stay tuned for next week’s feminist watch.