Elderly woman found in trash dump accuses sons of beating her up


SUKKUR: An elderly woman was found amid a pile of trash in Sukkur’s Bus Terminal area on Sunday and taken to the hospital by passers-by.

According to the woman, her two sons allegedly beat her up over a family dispute and then left her in a semi-conscious state. She added that residents of the area took her to the district hospital.

Sukkur SSP Muhammad Amjad Sheikh has taken notice of the incident, ordering that strict action should be taken against the men involved in the crime.

SSP Sheikh also announced that he would personally take care of all of the woman’s medical expenses. He ordered that the woman is shifted to a private hospital in Sukkur.

Also taking notice of the reports about the incident, Bahria Welfare Foundation sent a team of Bahria foundation’s workers to Sukkur.

The team, after examining the woman at the private hospital, decided to transfer her to Karachi for better medical care.

Bahria Welfare Foundation Manager retired commander Muhammad Arif told media that the foundation will provide the best possible healthcare to the woman.

“We will not let her be left alone, even after she has fully recovered,” commander Arif said.

Upon the Sukkur SSP’s orders, one of the woman’s sons was arrested by the police.

The son, however, denied involvement in the incident and claims that his mother had actually gone missing from the home.

SSP Sheikh told reporters that no leniency will be made to the perpetrators of the incident and they will all be brought to the court of law.