Feminists around the world tweet to rejoice Harvey Weinstein’s arraignment


Sexual harassment allegations against Hollywood kingpin Harvey Weinstein sparked the ‘#metoo’ movement and since his arraignment at a New York court yesterday, people around the globe have taken to Twitter to express their opinions on the matter.

Here is what they are saying:

Joan Walsh said, “Harvey Weinstein gets indicted and Ireland overwhelmingly legalizes a woman’s right to choose. It’s a good day for women.”

Peter tweeted, “My problem, as always, is not that Harvey Weinstein was able to pre-negotiate his release from arraignment without stepping a toe in VCBC. My problem is that none of my clients have the same privilege. All criminal defendants should be treated like Harvey Weinstein.”

Owen Jones said, “You start to think there’s no justice in the world, and then Harvey Weinstein and Tommy Robinson get arrested on the same day.”

Aadil Aamir tweeted, “Harvey Weinstein case will become the touchstone for harassment and rape cases by powerful men around the world and this is not just a victory for feminists but for humanity.”

Angelina Angie tweeted, “Oh please! Evidently, it was an empty threat because you and Brad Pitt continued to work with Harvey Weinstein and he got you that Oscar and Brad was playing around with him like they’re best buddies in 2002.”