Bangladesh detains 100 suspects in anti-drug crackdown


DHAKA: Security officials in Bangladesh say they’ve raided an area in the capital as part of an anti-drug crackdown and detained at least 100 suspects.
Over 60 suspected drug peddlers have been killed and over 3,000 suspects detained across Bangladesh in the crackdown, which was launched earlier this month, according to tallies by officials and local media.
Officials and local media say the deaths have occurred in shootouts between security officials and suspects or during raids, but rights groups have called the killings extrajudicial.
Authorities have denied the allegations and said they’re following a policy of zero tolerance in the fight against drugs.
Mufti Mahmud Khan, a spokesman for the Rapid Action Battalion, said security officials cordoned off part of Dhaka’s Mohammedpur area on Saturday and detained at least 100 suspects.