Ten bodies recovered from different canals within past 10 days


MANDI BAHAUDDIN: Ten dead bodies were recovered within the past 10 days from different canals of the Mandi Bahauddin district and Rajbah.

One of the bodies, apparently of a 45-year-old, was spotted floating in the Lower Jhelum Canal near the Burha village. According to the police, the unidentified body bore marks of torture and a deep wound on its head.

Another dead body was recovered from Rajbah near the Chahranwala village in the precincts of the Phalia police, besides that of a young boy that was also recovered from the Lower Jhelum Canal near the Harya village. Police suspect the boy drowned while bathing in the canal and have identified him as Hamza of a nearby village.

Two other wounded bodies were recovered from Head Rasul Barrage and the Rasul Hydel Power Station. One more body was found in the Gujrat Distributary near the Chillianwala Railway Station. It was draped in a gunny bag and had started to decompose after remaining in water for a long period of time.

Similarly, an unidentified body was spotted in the Lower Jhelum Canal near the Khewa village.

Another body of a boy was found in the Gujrat Distributary near the Chak Basawa village. The body was identified as Alyan, who was allegedly murdered after being abducted by relatives.

A body of a woman was also recovered from Head Faqirian in the jurisdiction of the Miana Gondal police.

The police stations concerned, after an autopsy, arranged the burial of all the unclaimed dead bodies.