Sindh police investigate into ‘illegal occupation’ of HPC leader on SC’s order


SUKKUR: The Sindh police chief on Thursday constituted a four-member committee following the order from the apex court, to look into the matter of illegal occupation of property and assets belonging to a Hindu Pan­cha­yat Council (HPC) lea­der allegedly by the Rohri police at the instructions of influential figures of the area, a local media outlet reported.

The Rohri HPC leader, Malki Mal, who previously headed the organisation, had submitted an application in the apex court complaining that the influential figures, Sammo Khan Bha­m­bhro and Ghulam Raza Bhambhro, along with more than 50 armed men took over his property in Deh Malaho of Salehpat taluka in Sukkur district.

It was also reported that the apex court directed Sindh Inspector General of Police (IGP) A D Khawaja to get the matter investigated and retrieve the applicant’s property and assets if found occupied by unauthorised people.

The committee recorded Mr Mal’s statement on Thursday to start investigation.

He claimed that the unauthorised people were still occupying his farmland as well as fish stocks, cattle heads, machi­nery and equipment and other assets worth millions of rupees.