Cocoo’s Den’s Iqbal Hussain ‘locked inside restaurant by nephews’


LAHORE: Cooco’s Den owner, Iqbal Hussain, claimed that his nephews had locked him inside the restaurant amid a family feud.

The owner Iqbal Hussain took to Facebook and asked his followers to “boycott Cooco’s Den and Cafe”.

The artist claimed that he was “locked inside” the premises by his nephews and when he contacted the police, officials on duty replied, “Who asked you to call 15? Stop calling 15. We are not free. Come tomorrow.”

Hussain alleged that his nephews, Abrar Hussain, Israr Hussain and Nazar Abbas, were planning to indulge in “illegal activities” in Karachi and use the restaurant’s name in the process which is bone of contention for the family.

Speaking to Pakistan Today, Investigation Officer (IO) Mushtaq said, “It seems that Iqbal Hussain is the real owner of the place and we are still looking for Nazar Abbas, the accused.”

The IO further said, “Nazar Abbas has an interim bail and this is why we cannot arrest him.”

“Every time I visit the place, Nazar Abbas disappears,” also said IO Mushtaq.

A video shared by Hussain’s daughter reveals that when Hussain’s family returned home they were “locked out” while he was “locked in”.

Sources privy to the development told Pakistan Today that police has registered a case on behalf of Iqbal Hussain’s son against Nazar Abbas under Section 342 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).


The restaurant has been closed down after a family feud between the owner Iqbal Hussain and his nephews