‘#FineBrownWomen’ is all the craze on Twitter


Desi people are often mocked for their skin colour, be it men or women. People cross boundaries very often and continue to make some really harsh comments. This clearly shouldn’t be the case, considering how all races and all colours are beautiful in their own way.

We live in an era where voicing out our feelings/opinions about these things is not an issue. Moreover, social media has made it very easy for us. A simple hashtag on Twitter and if it gets picked up by people who share the same sentiments, it will just be a few moments before the hashtag is trending.

Similar was the case with the recent hashtag’s that we saw trending on Twitter #FineBrownWomen and #FineBrownMen.

The idea behind this was simple; appreciate your skin colour, be proud of being desi and brown and well just being more accepting and love yourself for who you are.

It was just a few moments later that everybody jumped on the bandwagon and started tweeting with the aforementioned hashtags.

We went through the hashtag and here is all the positivity that you need for today:












Of course, there were some, who wanted to find their SO! Haha!






We are absolutely enjoying this trend on Twitter, both for the positive message, it is trying to send and the humorous tweets. Also, at this point, we think it is safe to say that maybe we are enjoying a little for some eye-candy as well, because who doesn’t like that.