Shopkeeper rapes girl in Karachi


KARACHI: A young girl was raped by a shopkeeper in Jinnah Square area of Malir Tuesday night.

According to the police, the 11-year-old girl had gone to a burger shop when the shopkeeper assaulted her.

The girl’s elder sister shared that she had sent her younger sister to the shop to get food for her as she wasn’t feeling well.

“However, when she didn’t return for more than an hour we started to get worried. I told my mother to not worry and I went to check on my younger sister along with some friends from the neighbourhood.”

Upon reaching the burger shop, she discovered that the shopkeeper had assaulted her sister. “I only want justice, such a person deserves to be punished,” she added.

The police had conducted a medical examination of the survivor which confirmed the rape.

Police have arrested the 22-year-old suspect, identified as Asif, and registered a case against him.

The suspect will be presented before the judicial magistrate on Thursday.