Lahorites face scorching heat as temp soars to 41°C | Pakistan Today

Lahorites face scorching heat as temp soars to 41°C

LAHORE: The temperature in the provincial capital on Wednesday soared to 41 degrees Celsius while a minimum of 26 degrees Celsius was recorded in the morning.

According to the met office, hot and dry weather is expected in Punjab, Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir during the next 24 hours, whereas, isolated rain is also expected in Punjab.

According to the synoptic situation, the continental air is prevailing over most plains of the country.

Health experts have advised the people to take precautionary measures including drinking plenty of water to avoid dehydration, abstain from hot or sugary drinks and consume lighter, cool meals such as salads and fruits.

Meanwhile, agriculture experts have said that farmers should irrigate their fields as per schedule and must keep in view the bad weather conditions to avoid any salinity that has damaging effects for crops during the cultivation period.

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