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Five times Naeemul Haq made headlines for all the wrong reasons

It’s not the first time that Imran Khan’s spokesperson is in the news for wrong reasons. Naeemul Haq, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s notorious character, slapped a rival politician on live TV programme, but it’s certainly not something new.

He has played the villain on numerous occasions, sometimes even disowned by the party’s media wing. From throwing glasses at the co-guests to being accused of asking female leaders for marriage, Haq never shows restraint.

Slapping Daniyal Aziz

On May 22, 2018, Haq slapped Minister for Privatisation Daniyal Aziz on air during a live programme on Geo News. The privatisation minister apparently called Naeemul Haq ‘chor’ (thief) at which the latter could not keep his calm and spontaneously slapped the minister.

Throwing glass at Jamil Soomro

In 2011, Naeemul Haq threw a glass of water at a Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Jamil Soomro on air after which he left the studio during the live show. The two leaders exchanged abuses and Soomro even went to confront Haq. The matter was later resolved by the host and co-guest.

Gandapur scuffle

In November 2016, video of a scuffle went viral featuring the leaders of PAT and PTI. Haq lost his cool and came to blows with PAT’s Khurram Nawaz Gandapur even though their parties were close allies.

‘Discussing’ marriage with Gulalai

In August 2017, Haq admitted having ‘discussed’ marriage with ex-PTI leader Ayesha Gulalai on Twitter.

The tweet, that was deleted hours later, said, “Should I apologise for discussing marriage with Ayesha Gulalai? No, I don’t think so. Nothing wrong with that.” The tweet came shortly after Ayesha Gulalai alleged she had received a text message from Naeemul Haque asking for her hand in marriage.

Haq’s deleted tweet regarding Gulalai

Gulalai alleged then PTI spokesperson asked to marry her via text message. “I am alone and want to marry,” Haq said according to Gulalai’s allegation.

Later on, PTI leader Shafqat Mehmood stated that Naeem’s account was hacked and the tweet regarding Ayesha Gulalai were ‘false’.

‘Indecent’ messages to Reham Khan

In 2015, PTI’s founding member Akber S. Babar claimed that then party’s secretary information Haq used to send immoral text messages to the ex-wife of Imran Khan.

In a Facebook post, Babar said, “Although she [Reham], in all likelihood would deny it under the changed circumstances, but I can say it under oath that before she married Imran Khan, Reham Khan as an anchor of Aaj TV confided to me…about some obnoxious text messages from Naeemul Haq to her making unsavory demands on her in return for arranging an interview with Imran Khan.

“I remember her asking me ‘what kind of people surround Imran Khan?’ I said ‘p…..s.’ She said why? I said ‘ask him.’”

He further alleged Haq of harassing PTI’s women workers. “The most scandalous revelation is the repeated complaints by PTI women of alleged sexual harassment by Naeem ul Haq. In one purported email, Zahra Apa claims to have stopped PTI women from going public on Naeem ul Haq’s “persistent and most unwelcome and unsavoury harassment” of women.

“Another PTI lady claims that when confronted with allegations of mistreating women, Naeem ul Haq boasts that “he is a friend of Khan Sb., and no one can do anything against him.” She accuses Naeem ul Haq of taking “undue advantage” by “casting misguided and obnoxious messages against women all the time” even to the extent of ‘sending us congratulation messages at midnight’.”

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