Dr Fahmida Mirza denies allegations by PPP’s Dr Nafisa Shah


BADIN: Former National Assembly speaker Dr Fahmida Mirza denied the allegations made against her by Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Information Secretary Dr Nafisa Shah.

Dr Mirza said in her statement issued to the press that Dr Shah must stop levelling baseless accusations against the Mirza family.

The former speaker said, “I have never served in the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) nor have I ever taken a personal loan and all such allegations levelled by the PPP leader are baseless.”

Dr Mirza also said that the sugar mills and farmlands in question were owned by the Mirza family before they entered politics.

She also said that water supply schemes had been initiated in eight towns on Badin during her tenure but after her husband’s differences with the PPP, the Sindh Government did not complete them.