VIDEO: Sabika called selection for exchange programme her ‘best moment’


Sabika Sheikh, who was completing her education in the United States, was one of the 10 students killed in the Santa Fe High School shooting.

In a video surfaced on social media, Sabika can be seen recording a video statement on her selection for the YES exchange programme.

In the video, she recalls how she came to know about her selection and how excited she was over it. “So, it was 11th of January and I had my paper next day, when my father called me in his room, she recalled, adding after reaching in the room, her father and mother told her they got a call that she is been accepted for the YES programme.


“My father asked me to check my mail but there was nothing but my father said it is confirmed that you are the finalist,” she said. “I didn’t believe it, it was overwhelming for me and I was jumping like a madman and I made a diary entry because it was special for me,” Sabika recalled, adding she thanked God on this.

“The next day my father showed me the mail and I was like wow! this is really happening and I was so very excited, I went to school and told my friends and we all were squealing and jumping and people were staring at us,” she said.

“My friends were also sad that I will be leaving them but this is the best, best-est thing ever happened to me.”