Sharjah police arrest four for running Pakistani begging ring | Pakistan Today

Sharjah police arrest four for running Pakistani begging ring

SHARJAH: A group of four people have been arrested in Sharjah for forcing Pakistani nationals to beg.

“The group brought 35 people from different parts of Pakistan to Sharjah on the pretext of jobs but forced them to work as beggars. Out of the 35, 14 are people are with disabilities,” the police said, adding that this was the first case of disabled people being smuggled into Sharjah.

According to the police, all of the arrested four have been handed a one-year prison sentence, while one of them has been fined AED100,000.

The group will be deported right after the completion of their prison sentence.

According to media reports, both the Dubai and Sharjah police have initiated an anti-begging campaign targeting people who are involved in contacting United Arab Emirates (UAE) residents for money over the phone. So far, the Dubai police have arrested 78 beggars and warned citizens to be wary of unknown people who reach out for money through electronic means.

Moreover, the UAE, while urging citizens to be indifferent towards beggars, has passed an anti-begging federal law that punishes anyone who is found begging in the country with a three-month prison sentence and AED5,000 fine.

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