Karachi to hit 44 degrees for third day


KARACHI: The heatwave continued in Karachi on Tuesday, with temperatures likely to touch 44° Celsius for the third consecutive day.

According to PMD, hot and slow winds from the north will blow today, while the humidity level in the air would remain less than 10 percent.

Earlier this morning, the temperature was recorded at 37°C.

As a result of the searing temperatures, PMD has issued a heatwave warning for the city.

Over 60 people have died due to the heatwave in Karachi, Edhi Foundation head Faisal Edhi said while quoting relatives of the deceased on Monday.

People living on its streets have little access to shelter or safe drinking water, making them acutely at risk in blistering temperatures.

Earlier, the Intermediate Board postponed all examinations due to take place from May 21-23, because of the latest heat spell in the city.

The highest temperature recorded in the province was in the bordering town of Thar where the temperature was recorded at 46.6°C on Sunday. In Mithi, the highest temperature recorded was 45°C, 43°C in Nawabshah and Mohen Jo Daro, 42°C in Dadu and 41.5°C in Sukkur.