Forensic report reveals Justice Ijaz’s residence was not actual target: report


A forensic report on the firing incident at Justice Ijazul Ahsan’s resident on Tuesday revealed that the judge’s residence was not the target of the firing, a private news outlet reported.

The Joint Investigation Team (JIT) carrying out an inquiry of the incident received the forensic report earlier today, which said two bullets landed in the house following aerial firing.

Earlier, two separate firing incidents were reported at the Lahore residence of Supreme Court judge Justice Ijazul Ahsan last month on April 15.

The bullets found at Justice Ahsan’s house were fired using a 9mm pistol, forensic sources said, adding that a 9mm pistol cannot effectively target at a 50m-range.

The bullet from the 9mm pistol can only reach a distance up to 2.5 kilometres. The aerial firing was conducted at night before the bullets were found, sources added.

The law enforcement agencies had probed individuals in  Liaquatabad regarding the aerial firing, sources in the police said. The JIT probing into the firing incident had also viewed the footage of cameras installed in the vicinity of the judge’s house.

Authorities stated that the police had seized the pistol used for aerial firing and sent to the forensic laboratory.