Ex-husband files defamation suit against Muniba Mazari


ISLAMABAD: A defamation suit was filed against Muniba Mazari at an Islamabad court on Tuesday by her ex-husband, serving her a notice to respond to the complaint.

Khurram Shahzad, a former PAF pilot and Mazari’s spouse from 2005 to 2015, has accused her of making false and defamatory statements against him on social media and TV.

Shahzad had filed a defamation suit against his former spouse in November last year but had to withdraw it in January this year due to technical reasons as he failed to serve the advanced legal notice on her, which is a requirement under the defamation law.

He says in February he sent her a legal notice seeking that she remove the ‘defamatory’ tweets she posted against him and tender an apology but she refused.

Though initially, Shahzad had demanded Rs10 million in damages, he has dropped this in the revised petition and has sought only the litigation fee as damages.

His main complaint against her is that Mazari has on several occasions made statements on the social media and TV which defamed and ridiculed him.