Ones serving country are either declared ‘corrupt’ or ‘traitors’: Nawaz

  • Maryam says Nawaz, Shehbaz served the entire country, including south Punjab.

CHISHTIAN: Ousted premier Nawaz Sharif on Monday lamented that the person who serves the country is either declared ‘corrupt’ or a ‘traitor’.

Speaking at a workers convention in Chishtian, Nawaz said that said that he swears upon the people’s love that he would work day and night to serve them if given a chance again.

The three-time premier said that today he attended the 70th hearing of references against him, adding that the ‘vote’ is about to get ‘respect’ now.

“I came straight to Chishtian after the appearance before NAB [court], but I felt greatly pleased seeing the crowd here,” he told the participants.

“Now the vote is about to get respect,” the former premier said, adding that he was sure that Chishtian would be ahead of all in this campaign.

Earlier, Maryam Nawaz addressed the public gathering saying that Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif served the entire country, including south Punjab.

“PML-N opponents do not have a single public issue based on which they could do politics,” she said, giving an example of terrorism and load-shedding.

“They brought corruption as an issue, but Nawaz was disqualified on Iqama.”

Maintaining that not a single-penny corruption had been proven against the ousted premier, the former first daughter said that Nawaz spent four hours recording his statement.

“Pakistan is our home and Nawaz, who thrice became the prime minister, is an elder of this home,” she said.

“And if man of a family points out something in good faith, then it should be listened to,” Maryam added.