Modi wishes Ramzan in Urdu, some Indians are not happy about it


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wished Muslims Ramzan in Urdu but some Indians are not happy about it.

At the start of Indian prime minister wished Muslims on his official Twitter account: “سبھی کو مقدس ماہِ رمضان کی مبارکباد ! ہم پیغمبر حضرت محمد ﷺ کے مقدس پیغامات کو یاد کرتے ہیں، جنھوں نے ہم آہنگی، رحم دلی اور سخاوت کی اہمیت کو اجاگر کیا ۔ رمضان کریم کا مقدس مہینہ انہی اعلیٰ قدروں کا علمبردار ہے”۔

The tweet was much appreciated by many but some Indians were not happy about it and targeted Modi on social media on it.

Umesh Yadav asked Modi to remember the soldiers who are fighting on border for India stating: “Sharm karo modhiji &Rajnath singhji marne keliye chod diya army ko aap logone… Ky aap ko 2014 me vote isliye diyatha.. Not expect to modi sir.”

Another user, Madhur asked the Indian premier to “control” and stated: o secular modiji thoda control karo. Nota bhi hara sakta ai apko. muslimm vote dega nahi, hindu se milegi nahi, to kya karoge?

AAP_Dev said that Modi is trying to “appease Muslims” and wrote: “Muslim Appeasement dekh lo inka.”

FHK thinks that this not “Bakhti” because he is wishing Muslims on Ramzan. “Dekho pm musalmano ko badhai de rahe hain… Tum kaise bhakt ho jo bhakti nahi nibha sakte

Desh Bakht shared the picture of Modi’s UAE visit apparently targeting some kind of soft corner for Muslims.

Desh Bakht also said in second tweet that soon Modi will wear burqa. “Thhoda time dijiye .. burka bhi Pehenenge.”

And Stella thinks that Modi tweeted in Urdu because elections are coming in 2019 and to appease Muslims he did this. “First time in 4 years you came to know about the month of Ramzan? Not once in 4 years, you wished Muslims why now? Or is it preparation for 2019 elections? And I guess Indian Muslims can read English also why specific in Urdu?”