Rao Anwar’s residence declared sub-court


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

The residence of Rao Anwar, suspended Sindh Police SSP, has been declared a sub-court, in response to seeing his discomfort in the court.

“The Lordships are expected to make their way to the residence where they will hear the case,” said Muzaffar Hassan, Registrar at the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

“SSP Anwaar has given his assurance to the Lordships that he will ensure their safety after they wrote him a series of letters to the effect,” he continued.

“Furthermore, he is also taking care of the air-conditioning situation in the drawing room, which will take away all such issues that were around in the previous arrangement.”

As per sources made available to The Dependent, the Lordships will occupy the larger sofa set during the hearings while the witness stand occupied by Rao Anwaar will be a Chaise lounge chair.

Anwaar will answer all questions while being fed grapes by female associates of his.