150 houses gutted as fire breaks out in Nawabshah village


NAWABSHAH: More than 150 kaccha houses were gutted and the house belonging along with a dozen animals were burnt alive when a fire broke out in village Dolo near Daur town some 25 kilometres from here.

The fire erupted due to a short circuit while the sole fire tender failed to control the fire. Villagers said that fire erupted when HESCO staff was busy in repairing electric transformer near the house of

Muhammad Ramzan. The strong winds made havoc and it took no time to burn more than 150 houses in minimum time.

Villagers said that they could not get time to carry out house belongings including refrigerators, televisions, ornaments and valuables along with dowry and animals.

Residents of the area said that Taluka Council Daur has only one fire tender that proved insufficient to carry water and extinguish the fire.

They said that they were sitting under the open sky and seeking help from the district administration.