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Scissors removed from patient’s belly at PIMS

ISLAMABAD: Doctors at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) removed a pair of scissors from a patient’s belly after a five-hour operation on Friday.

The scissors were left in the patient, 35-year-old Irum Naz, last year during a caesarean delivery which was conducted at a private hospital.

The husband, Asad Mehmood, said, “We had five other children via normal deliveries and the youngest was born via a C-section and my wife should have started recovering after delivery but her condition worsened.”

“She used to complain of pain in her belly and I was thinking it was due to the C-section since it was the first in our family and I started taking her to various doctors but they could not tell what was wrong with her,” added Mehmood.

The husband also said that Naz was admitted at PIMS for three days and after undergoing several tests the real cause was found.

After a five hour operation, the scissors were removed by doctors at PIMS.

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