New evidence invalidates rumours about Muhammad bin Salman’s health


ISLAMABAD: New evidence has surfaced to discount the rumours about the health and well-being of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman which is enough to scuttle rumours about the mysterious disappearance of the crown prince.

Iranian and Russian media reports last week had cast doubts over the health of the crown prince, claiming that the continued disappearance of the crown prince from the public eye had led to speculations that one of the most powerful men in the kingdom might have been targeted during an alleged attempted coup last month.

Iranian TV channel had pointed out that no new photo or video of the crown prince had been released by Saudi authorities since April 21, asserting that the prince “was not even seen on camera when new US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made his maiden visit to Riyadh in late April”.

However, a high ranking official at the Saudi Embassy has unreservedly rejected the notion, terming it ‘Fake News’ which the diplomat said seems to be “a part of enemy’s ferocious propaganda to provoke unrest among the public at large”.


In the photo taken on the eve of Royal Rumble, Prince Mohammad could be seen sitting with other guests watching the rumble from his chamber.

“So how is it possible to attend the royal event on April 27 if there was an attack on the prince on April 21. So lies stand rejected,” the official said.


Meanwhile, a Russian media report released by Sputnik International discounted the rumours, stating that a week after the coup speculations, the Crown Prince, along with Saudi King Salman, was seen at the opening ceremony of a huge entertainment resort Qiddiya – an ambitious multi-billion dollar project that is expected to include a Six Flags theme park, water parks, motorsports, cultural events and vacation homes.