KP Halal Food Authority bans sale of Chinese toffees, chewing gum


PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Halal Food Authority has banned the sale of items carrying the tag/label in the Chinese language, as they contained haram (forbidden) substances.

According to a statement issued by the food authority on Thursday, the decision to ban the Chinese eatable items had been taken after market survey and laboratory analysis of the stuff. These items include Chinese imported chocolates, jellies, chewing gum, toffees and various confectionaries.

It was stated that most of the Chinese eatables, including gelatin, rennet, whey powder glycerin and all its derivatives fats and byproducts, were banned unless having Halal certification. The technical department of the food authority informed that there was no proper mechanism for the butchering of animals as per teachings of Islam in China and most of such ingredients were forbidden.

It added that not a single eatable item carrying ingredients list other than in Urdu or English language would be allowed and strict action would be taken against those involved in this business. The items carrying such ingredients are banned with immediate effect.

The food authority also banned the items containing wine or wine-derived ingredients, adding that any imported product in which ingredients were not mentioned in Urdu or English would be banned. Besides, any edible product containing insects or their derivatives would not be allowed in the market.