Ex-cop says Sridevi’s death could be murder


MUMBAI: The world is grieving the loss of legendary actress Sridevi who left for her heavenly abode in the most unexpected way. However, while the dust is slowing settling down over the wounds of her fans, family and friends, an ex-police officer has suspected that her death by drowning in a bathtub could be a murder.

According to the reports, an ex-cop named Ved Bhushan has claimed that he wasn’t allowed to have a look at Sridevi’s hotel room but enacted her death scene in the adjacent room and the accidental drowning didn’t make sense to him in those circumstances.

Ved also reportedly claimed that it’s very easy to put someone in bathtub forcefully until the victim stops breathing without leaving any evidence of the crime.

Supreme Court had recently rejected a plea by filmmaker Sunil Singh requesting an investigation into the mysterious death of Sridevi.

After winning the National Award for her film ‘Mom’, the actress was posthumously honored at the Cannes Film Festival 2018 recently.


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