Water drop in Keenjhar Lake signals possible water crisis in Karachi, Thatta


THATTA: The Keenjhar Lake that provides water to the Karachi and Thatta district has faced a level drop much below the operational level of RL-56 signalling a possible interruption of water supply in both the areas.

According to a local media report, it states that some areas on Thatta have already been experiencing a drought-like situation since the drop. However, as per the records on Tuesday, the other parts of Thatta and Karachi might soon face a drop in the usual supply.

It had further been reported that the water level in Keenjhar Lake had dropped down to as low as RL-46 and the flow towards Thatta and Karachi would only be possible if the level remained at RL-56 and above.

Thatta district has been facing a water shortage for seven months although the water level in Keenjhar had not dropped to this level. The district has more than 700,000 acres of agricultural land in the command area of the KB Feeder-lower and the shortage over such a long period had already caused heavy losses to growers.