#WeToo: Model claims men are also being harassed in media industry


In a Facebook post, a struggling model Mujahid Rasool has claimed that not only he but hundreds of other male models are also being harassed in the media industry.

In the long post, the model said: “I have my own conditions!
Can we meet alone?
Show me your n*** pictures!
& so on……
[I have to face] these type of statements since the day [I joined] this media industry & I am more than 100% sure that I am not alone in this case, there could be many more out there,” he claimed and added, “I have been struggling [in] this field for 7-8 years which is been an experience full of harassment. So, I am speaking on my behalf (& might be on behalf of hundreds out there) that #WEToo are being harassed.”

Shared screenshots of a conversation, Rasool alleged that these conversations were with “renowned photographer and promotor Azeem Sani”, who asked him to get “nude for work”. In the screenshots, shared by Rasool, the ‘photographer’ said: “you know, what a designer wants.”

“You are old enough now in the industry, struggling for three to for years. How to get some designer shoot or what a girl wants,” the message read. “Nothing could be explained better than this.”

The photographer, in the conversation, also claimed that all the models in his campaigns have to “fulfil his conditions”.

On the current situation in the fashion industry, Rasool wrote: “Why I have to go through all this to match my talent? Why [do] I have to fulfil someone’s immoral conditions to get that work that I deserve?”

“Why a black sheep should say to me if I will not fulfil their filthy demands then I can’t be successful in this media industry?

Why the f**k I have to shout on myself & my passion after struggling for 7-8 years in this industry and listening to these bullshits?

Why there are no streamline organizations recognizing and sustaining fresh talents? If there are, then why would they hire such bastards to do these most important jobs?

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? There are many more Why’s.”

The model concluded his post by saying,”I met and inspired by many highly professional people in this industry as well, so hats off to you guys. You are the reason I am not discouraged, you are the reason still I am striving and I believe I will make it to there”.

He put the disclaimer at the end of his post: “I am writing all this based on my personal experience so relate anything straight to me if you have to.”