Ali Zafar intends pun through latest Instagram post?


We are all aware of the ongoing controversy between Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi regarding the sexual harassment case. While the things might have heated up in the entertainment industry and between the two stars, the rest of us are waiting for a resolution.

Amid all the blaming and taking sides by fans and some celebrities, it’s about time that things cool down, and a verdict is given.

However, in his recent Instagram post, Ali Zafar might have intended pun towards Meesha Shafi as he performs a piano version of one of his classic songs ‘Chal Dil Merey.’


The song was one of his iconic songs from his album ‘Huqa Pani’ that was released in 2003. Moreover, if you pay close attention to the lyrics, it quite literally talks about people being thieving liars.

Although it might be in performed just so everyone has a good time, people who have been following the controversy, couldn’t help but think whether there could be more it than just fun?

People might disagree, but comments on his Instagram post definitely show that he could subtly be hinting at Meesha.

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