Warrants out for Mastung Cadet College principal after violence video goes viral


In a recent video that went viral on social media, students of Cadet College, Mastung can be seen beating and bullying other students with sticks during a supposed drill in the college, prompting a judicial magistrate to issue an order against the perpetrators.

Speaking to Pakistan Today, the cadet college’s Vice Principal (VP) Jameelur Rehman said, “An incident of this sort has never happened before and this is the first time.”

“Balochistan Constabulary protects the school but forms a perimeter outside the school premises and guards are not really present inside the college’s premises,” the VP added.


Mastung Judicial Magistrate Muhammad Zakria issued an order on Monday related to the incident and accused the cadet college’s principal and others.

Non-bailable arrest warrants (NBWs) were also issued against the college principal and others.

“NBWs of Cadet College, Mastung Principal and the accused namely, Tanveer, Mulla, Jahanzaib, Inayat, Saifullah and Rasheed all sons of unknown students of Cadet College Mastung be issued,” it read.

“Such absence of the principal and responsible faculty members of the college for a long duration of the incident inevitably makes it clear that they have either abetted the offence with the accused persons or they have omitted to discharge their duty,” it added.

The judicial magistrate also ordered that the case should be registered under Section 190(C) of the Criminal Procedure Code.

“The perpetrators had graduated from the college on the morning of the 13th of May while the incident happened in the evening when they were no longer students of the college,” the cadet college’s Adjutant Major Masood  told Pakistan Today.

“There is usually only one guard on round during the time the incident happened,” the major added.

The adjutant also said, “We have decided to increase surveillance and separate the school and college sections to ensure that such an incident never occurs again.”