Man kills wife, daughter over property dispute


HARIPUR: A man was arrested on Monday along with his two relatives on charges of killing his wife and three daughters, a local media outlet reported.

The man, identified as Shafaqat Zaman, was presented before a judicial magistrate on Tuesday to obtain a physical remand for further investigation. The suspect killed his victims over a property dispute.

District Police Officer Syed Khalid Hamadani informed reporters that Zaman’s wife Sadaf Shafaqat and three daughter Eman Sahzadi, Zainab Bibi and Zarqa Shehzadi were found dead in their bedrooms on May 6 in Qutba Village.

Hamadani explained that Zaman killed his wife after she denied his persistent efforts to transfer property to him.

Zaman, who had previously been wanted in a number of fraud cases confessed to the murder crime with the help of his two relatives. The DPO further explained that the four victims were poisoned to death and their bodies tied with ropes afterwards with the intention of fooling investigators.