PIFD displays final year thesis


LAHORE: Students of the Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (PIFD) showcased their final year thesis on Friday and we not only covered it for you but also came back with the ones that stood out.

PIFD has been alma mater to few of the biggest names in the Pakistan fashion industry like HSY, Maria B, Kamiar Rokni and so forth. Thus, we are excited to see more names from the institute making their way to the top.

Here are our favourite 6 displays from the PIFD theses display


1- Technology: The new black by Hira Naeem

Hira introduced the concept of 3D printing to fashion in order to develop a “sustainable fashion” model that leaves no waste during the production of clothes. She calls this “a new philosophy in sustainable fashion”.


2- Encapsulating memories by Shahtaj Qaiser

Shahtaj made an attempt to capture childhood memories through art and create a window into the innocence, playfulness, wonder and protection from loved ones that a person experiences during early childhood. She used her personal childhood photos to look back to a happy past.


3- Fragmented Royalty by Fatima Tanvir

Fatima took her inspiration from the House of Tudor that reigned England from 1485 till 1603. She pays tribute to the Tudor Monarchs and their wives by incorporating fragmentation into her designs.


4- King of pop by Zainab Shariff 

Zainab’s thesis takes its inspiration from Michael Jackson, the American “King of Pop”. She brings together fashion statements from various stages of the pop star’s life and merges them into garments to portray his life.


5- Breaking the silence by Aleesha Farrukh

Aleesha portrayed the acceptance of positive and negative elements in life by inculcating the use of techniques such as gold plating and oxidation in her thesis jewellery.


6- Frozen Flux by Maryam Irfan 

Maryam applies the idea of abstract expressionism to the art of jewellery making.


Here are some of the other works that were on display: