‘Owner’ starts construction on civil aviation land


KARACHI: Construction has started on Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) four-acre land across Karachi Airport by the alleged owner.

Arsalan’s power of attorney and 1993 lease documents are being used to justify the construction, according to reports.

Speaking to Pakistan Today, CAA’s spokesman said, “The land belongs to CAA and a boundary wall was made in the 90s.”

“We have written letters to authorities concerned such as the home minister while Mukhtar Soomro and Arsalan are posing a huge security risk because all VIP movement to the airport moves through the road which is right next to the land,” he also said.

The spokesman also said“Arsalan is falsely claiming to be the owner and the court has given a stay order pertaining to the construction.”

CAA’s legal team will present its case in court on May 24.

Sindh chief minister (CM) and inspector general of police (IG) were unavailable for comment.