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AWP requests govt to unblock CNICs

ISLAMABAD: President Awami Workers Party (AWP) President Fanoos Gujjar on Friday pointed out that none of the mainstream party had a programme to transform Pakistan’s embedded system of class, ethnic and gender inequality, according to a local media outlet.

While addressing the audience at a seminar titled, “Beyond Elections vs Resistance’: Building a Politics of the People” at the National Press Club, he said only left-wing working-class organisations and institutions could alleviate ordinary people’s problems.

The event brought together political workers, labour activists, students, women’s rights activists, katchi abadi residents and organisers of the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) to debate a ‘People’s Agenda’ for the election season.

The AWP President requested the government to unblock thousands of Computerised National Identity Cards (CNICs) as their blockage was causing unrest among the people.

Moreover, thousands of cases were pending in the courts but apex court paid no heed. Moreover, the president extended his support to PTM, stating that their demands are legitimate.

Those present at the occasion also pointed out the need for equality for every citizen. Not only that, an educationist Aliya Ameer Ali commented that movements like the PTM and the women’s movement brought issues to light that were previously not addressed by the mainstream parties.

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