Imran Khan’s ‘Best Dressed’ moments


LAHORE: Imran Khan, the cricketer-turned-politician, has been making waves in the media due to his aggressive and head-on style of politics. We at Pakistan Today bring to you another side of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf supremo. His fashion moments!


Moment 1: Here, the Khan can be seen in a black leather jacket over a high neck sweater paired with a red muffler. This photograph of the politician looks like he’s one of those Instagram models that people swoon over.


Moment 2: Khan seems to be in full swing here while giving an interview to what looks like foreign media. He looks dapper in his suit and that chic polka dots tie and crisp blue shirt.


Moment 3: This looks like an old picture but the captain looks like the hero of a Nicholas Sparks novel ready to swipe his lady off her feet.


Moment 4: We just had to include this picture. Accompanied by his ex-wife, the lovely Jemima, dapper-boy Khan looks elegantly dressed in a shalwar kameez and an easter waistcoat to compliment it. The black waistcoat’s collar is complemented by embellished buttons on the front and intricate golden thread work on the collar band.


Moment 5: In this photo, Imran Khan in his leather jacket (probably his favourite one) looks on with a dashing smile on his face and looks completely ‘cool’.


Final Moment: This might not be Khan’s favourite fashion moment but we just had to include this.