Senate seeks powers equal to NA


–Sanjrani asks govt to implement Senate resolutions to have role in finance bill, PSDP approval

ISLAMABAD: Senators belonging to the ruling and opposition parties Thursday unanimously demanded enhancing powers of the Senate of Pakistan to authorise to approve money bill including the finance bill.

Opposition leader in the Senate Sherry Rehman talking on a point of order said, “The powers of Senate should be increased, it should be given powers to pass money bill.”

She was of the view that the Upper House was powerless without authority to pass financial matters.

Usman Khan Kakar said the powers of the Senate should be equalized to the National Assembly. He asked the PML-N government to give a gift to the people by increasing the powers of the Senate.

Anwar ul Haq Kakar said Senate is symbol of federation and should be given more powers. “We want balance of powers in the Senate and National Assembly and we also want powers regarding money bill.”

Farooq H Naek asked Leader of the House to bring a bill in consultation with all political parties for increasing powers of Senate. He said increasing the Upper House’s powers are in the interest of federation.

He said it was unfortunate that the recommendations of Senate were often not given weightage in the money bill.

Senator Abdul Qayyum said he endorsed the idea of opposition leader for giving more powers to the Senate. He said Senate is representing the federation and needed to give more powers.

He said National Assembly has constitutional powers to pass the money bill while Senate only gives recommendations.

Muhammad Tahir Bizinjo said by endorsing the idea of opposition leader, all political parties should play their role to empower the Senate.

Rehman Malik said being a symbol of federation, the Senate should be given powers. He said a resolution was also moved to increase the powers of the Senate earlier.

Mushtaq Ahmed also supported the suggestion floated by the opposition leader Sherry Rehman and said it will strengthen the federation.

Sassui Palijo, Muhammad Talha Mahmood, Mir Kabeer, Dr Jehanzeb Jamaldini, Imamuddin Shouqeen and Sardar Muhammad Azam Musakhal also supported the idea of the opposition leader and said a committee should be also constituted to look into the matter and for forwarding positive suggestions in this regard.


Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani Thursday asked the government to implement Senate resolutions demanding to empower Senate to have a viable role in Finance Bill, especially the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP), in letter and spirit.

He, in his ruling, said, “Resolutions passed by the Senate reflects the aspirations of the Upper House of the Parliament being the House of Federation. The government is advised to implement the resolutions of the Senate with regard to the role of the Senate in the Finance Bill especially the PSDP, in letter and spirit. We will also deliberate the matter in the Business Advisory Committee.”

Earlier, Senators belonging to the ruling and opposition parties asked the government for enhancing powers of the Senate to authorise to approve money bill including the finance bill.