Orya Maqbool’s ‘derogatory’ remarks against Meesha Shafi get noticed


ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has taken notice of Orya Maqbool Jan’s show on Neo TV in which he passed “derogatory remarks against singer-actress Meesha Shafi”.

The notice that was shared on PEMRA’s social media accounts reads: “It has been observed that “Neo TV” on 25.04.2018 aired programme titled ‘Harf-e-Raz’ from 11:03 to 11:56. In the programme, while commenting on the scandal of Ms Meesha Shafi and Mr Ali Zafar, Mr Orya Maqbool Jan passed derogatory remarks against the female actor/singer Ms Meesha Shafi.”



The notice further states that airing of such content is in direct violation of PEMRA Ordinance 2002, PEMRA Rules 2009 and Electronic Media (Programmes and Advertisements) Code of Conduct 2015.

NEO TV has been advised in the notice to make its “editorial oversight stronger” and utilise time-delay mechanism properly so that abusive and undesirable foul language could be averted during the programmes.

The notice further states, “Moreover, M/s Fun Infotainment Pvt Ltd, “Neo TV”, is advised to sensitise his editorial committee as well as the anchorperson of the programme about the provisions of the Electronic Media (Programmes and Advertisements) Code of Conduct 2015.”

Pakistani media commentator and columnist Orya Maqbool Jan has time and again had trouble with PEMRA for making controversial remarks on his show. In 2016, PEMRA had called him to explain his position over allegations of ‘provoking’ people to resort to violence against the minority Ahmedi community.

The notice was later dismissed by the Council of Complaints of PEMRA dismissed as ‘non-maintainable’, after a mob entered the PEMRA premises, asking the authority to quash the complaints while raising slogans against the Ahmedi community.