Man awarded capital punishment for killing prayer leader

The trial of Syed Nadeem Abbas Zaidi was conducted by the ATC judge in the judicial complex inside Central Jail Karachi. Zaidi was awarded capital punishment and was ordered to pay compensation amounting to Rs0.2 million to the victim’s legal heirs.
The convict was also fined Rs10 thousand and sentenced to a seven-year imprisonment term for the possession of illicit arms.
The ATC judge also added that if the convict failed to pay the fine, he would have to serve an additional imprisonment term.
Co-accused Ahmed Rangar was exonerated on the charges of abetment and the case was declared dormant against Ghazanfar Ali, Abba, Zaheer and Sohail Mohammad.
Qari Mohammad Amin, prayer leader of Bilal Masjid was gunned down near the mosque on February 23, while the suspect was overpowered by people present at the site, according to the prosecution.
The benefit of Section 382(b) of the Criminal Procedure Code was extended by the court.