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Iqra Aziz’s legal woes take an ugly turn

KARACHI: Popular TV actor Iqra Aziz who has been part of several popular Hum TV shows including Mol, Socha Na Tha and Choti Si Zindagi was served with a legal notice, earlier this week by Fahad Hussain, the CEO of Citrus Talent, the agency which reportedly launched her.

In a social media post, posted on Sunday night, Fahad wrote that Iqra breached an exclusivity clause in her contract and signed up for a project through Maida Azmat of Lahore-based Mint PR and Image Consultancy “despite the fact that Iqra and Maida were repeatedly reminded about the contractual obligations of Iqra towards Citrus Talent.”

However, Iqra took to social media to deny all the allegations put forward by Fahad.

“I deny all accusations put forward against me by Fahad Hussain of Citrus Talent for breaching the contract. I have been in the industry long enough to know how to do fair business and I am not one to shy away from the truth. The legal system is something I have deep faith in and Inshallah I will receive the justice I deserve through a Court of Law. For reference, I have attached the legal notice that has been sent as a reply.”

In a note attached before the legal notice, Iqra detailed her side of the story: “I have always been a professional, working extremely hard to make a name for myself in the industry and trying to remain completely uncontroversial in every aspect.”

She alleged that Fahad never provided her with a copy of the “so-called agreement” that she breached and used to “delay my rightful payments for many months on the pretext that he doesn’t have ‘money these days.'”

She said that this was the reason why she decided to switch to a more “professional agency, Mint PR headed by Maida Azmat (who has also been named in Fahad’s legal notice for “torturous interference”), starting 1st April 2018.”

Iqra also requested to not include third parties in the case because signing the TVC project was her own personal decision.

In response to this, Fahad posted on social media, “Wow…can’t believe how thankless some people can get and in turn come up with the worst kind of cock and bull story based on complete lies to further mislead people. All I have to say is that let the court decide what is right and what is wrong.”

“Karma is at play, let’s see who is honest. Iqra Aziz your innocent face cannot hide your ugly personality. I will answer with proof. Say whatever you want to, I was still being nice and cordial but I think you don’t deserve respect as you clearly have no values or ethics.”

His next post read, “I am extremely saddened, hurt and disappointed with the kind of response Iqra has posted on social media,” adding that he wants to know what Iqra’s response will be when she comes to court and is under oath.

He even attached an order from the High Court, duly signed by the honourable judge.

“The order clearly states that my exclusivity contract is legit and that Iqra is ordered to abide by it and exclusively work through us till the contract completes its term of 3 years. And any other agreement she has gotten into till date stands void in the court of law.”

He signed off his post by saying, “Thank you for showing me your real face Iqra Aziz.”

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Maida Azmat of Mint PR has also denied all allegation made by Fahad.

In an Instagram post, the PR agency attached a copy of their lawyer’s legal reply and wrote, “I deny all false accusations made against me by Fahad Hussain of Citrus Talent. I have not been engaged in any sort of illegal or unethical actions and have issued a legal notice as a response to him (attached in the post). I am certain, that my reputation, as well as my company’s reputation, will go untarnished. We understand the importance of maintaining good ethical standards and our clients who have worked with us acknowledge so.”

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Things have definitely taken an ugly turn in this legal battle. We hope the two parties sort out their differences without any more mud flinging.

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